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California – Everybody needs a license and probably a union too.

  • To be registered as an active licensed contractor in California, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) will ask for the following:

  • Take and pass the examination for licensure. This exam is required when contractors have not served for the same qualification they are applying, or if the contractor has failed to pass the test within the past five years. If you have been serving as a licensed contractor, and in good standing, within the past five years for the same qualification being applied, or if the contractor has passed the test within the past five years, then no examination is required.

  • Waiver provisions for the examination are outlined in Business and Professions Code section 7065.1 and 7065.2. You must meet all of the conditions of the appropriate section for the Waiver Provision to apply. In some cases, only the trade exam may be waived.

  • Waiver provisions defined in B&P Code section 7065.1 may be granted under subsections 7065.1(b) and 7065.1(c). While 7065.1(a) also provides for waiver of the exam, the Registrar exercised his authority to suspend waivers under this section.

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