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How to Paint a House (Exterior)


1, Color selection

Color charts can be deceiving. The first five samples are free, there after it is $10 per sample

The standard sheen for exteriors is flat while doors and windows can be more sheen like low sheen or semi- gloss.

2, Exterior cleaning

We do power- washing before starting preparation. This is quick rinse takes a few hours. We will check windows and doors to minimize leaking.

We will relocate movable things to water safe location.

3, Protection

We pull dirt back from around the house, and will cover or wrap a grass area, delicate plants and facilities with paper or plastic.

We will cover all windows with plastic or paper.

4, Preparation

  • Stucco repair - We will open crack if needs it and will use masonry glue with cement for excellent adhesion.

  • Caulking – We caulk loose seams, stucco meets wood around doors, seams on the fascia boards.

  • Under Eaves caulking – It is not included in a standard bid and is an extra cost.

  • Wood windows – we will sand to see raw wood, and will prime. 4 windows will be one people’s one day job,

  • Prime – We will prime only Raw wood, new stucco patch, sanded wood.

5, Painting

We spray one coat on the wood and Stucco. While on spray we will do back brush and roller to paint evenly.

6, Clean-up / Touch up

We do our best to pick up all our paint chips before we leave. We will clean your home as much as possible.

7, Price

Your Price Will Be Higher If:

  • Your house is older and requires more prep-work

  • You have obstacles around your house (trees, ivy, decorations,Density of plants, wood windows)

  • You need wood replaced, Wood replacement: Hourly rate $50/hr

  • You have uneven ground (difficult ladder placements)

  • Your color changes are drastic (light to dark, dark to light etc.)

  • You want 2 or 3 coats

  • You use a high-end paint

  • You want Under-Eaves caulking.

8, Warrant

We will warrant our work for 1 year against peeling.

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